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As part of our commitment to growing a nation of story-loving children, we’ve dedicated an entire blog feature to young writers.

Reading is a crucial part of learning to write. If your child enjoys reading stories, encourage them to write one of their own. We’ll aim to publish a number of young writers on our blog every week, under the category #shareastory.

Creative writing develops a unique mix of skills and attitudes, to support learning and prepare young people to thrive. Writing regularly promotes mental health and well-being, as well as improving literacy and attainment. When your child writes, they are experimenting and cultivating curiosity and imagination. It teaches discipline and persistence. Like nothing else, your child can find their unique voice, discover themselves and define their world through writing.

As the curriculum puts an emphasis on assessment, it has taken the joy out of writing for pleasure. There are too few opportunities for children to write for enjoyment, meaning creativity is often undervalued. We allow young writers to be seen, so they can write for the sheer joy of it and take great pride in seeing their story live and published for everyone to read.

Every child deserves to reap the benefits of a rich creative education.

How To Submit A Story

If your child has written a short fantasy or science fiction story, you can submit it for digital publication on our blog. Open to all young writers aged 8 – 16 years. Please attach a photograph, digital drawing or painting to accompany the story if you can. Otherwise, we will select an appropriate image to accompany the piece.

Your child can tell us a little bit about themselves so that we can feature their author biography. You can also send us a photo of them, to be published alongside their author profile.

Please note all stories and biographies will be shared on our social media accounts.

Submit your child’s story and images electronically via email to [email protected]

Please include the story title, your name, age, location and an Instagram or Facebook account to tag. For example, The Coven of Cats by Nicole Burns, age 12 years, from Birmingham, Instagram @missburns

Young WritersMaximum 500 words. 

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