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Write a Story: Witches & Wizards

Creating a short story about witches or wizards.

You can serve up some magical vibes in your story by using some witchy tools:

  • a steel-edged sword;
  • a wand made from mistletoe;
  • a bubbling and spitting cauldron of toad’s feet;
  • The Book of Shadows to list all your putrid potions;
  • a bonkers black cat or a hooting and honking owl.

Start off by introducing your main character, who they are, what they do and where they live. Then take them on a journey to find something, rescue someone or reveal a secret. Here’s the start of my story:

At the very bottom of the Sea of Slugs, lived Slugmangous the water witch. Her hovel was a salty mess of crab claws and empty treasure chests. Underneath the front door mat, someone had left a map. Slugmangous retrieved the soggy fabric and stretched it out on top of her snoozing water cat, Lobsterella. The centre of the map was marked by a purple circle.  Tuna Turner’s Treasure.

The important thing is to fall in love with your characters and enjoy sharing their stories.

How To Submit A Story

All young writers must have an adult’s permission before submitting a story to us.

You can submit your story for digital publication on our blog. Open to all young writers aged 8 – 16 years. Please attach a photograph, digital drawing or painting to accompany your story if you can. Otherwise, we will select an appropriate image for your story. Tell us a little bit about yourself, so that we can feature your author biography. You can also send us a photo of yourself, to be published alongside your author profile. Please note your story and biography will be shared on our social media accounts.

All stories and images must be submitted electronically via email to [email protected]

Please include the story title, your name, age, location and an Instagram or Facebook account to tag. For example, The Coven of Cats by Nicole Burns, age 12 years, from Birmingham, Instagram @missburns

Maximum 500 words. 

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