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Recruiting Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors

We’re creating an inspirational digital space for young adult readers to discover new stories and authors. The Ivyside Short Story Project will be a monthly subscription service, which focuses on fantasy and science fiction, within an imaginative and immersive environment.

Our aim is to grow a hub for short fiction; whilst ensuring our authors and creatives receive fair royalties.

If you’re a new, unpublished or published children’s author and you want to become part of something different, we’d love to hear from you.

Exclusive stories from our resident authors will form the backbone of the collection.

Ivy TribeWe’re thinking BIG.

Bethea Ivy Publishing is a new independent digital publisher. We plan to launch our project in summer 2023.

Our quirky labyrinth of digital space will offer a multimedia environment for authors to get creative with their stories.

Our site has no territory restrictions, so authors have the potential to reach a global market.

Ivyside City

Our online reading rooms and bookshelves will be set against the landscape of  Ivyside City.

The site will revolve around the city’s districts and themed landmarks such as Hudlem Hole, The Pods, Screech Hotel, and The Tunnels of Kyo. The concept library allows a more immersive experience.

Members pay an affordable monthly subscription fee, for unlimited access to Ivyside’s story collection and reading experience.


From the get-go, we’re looking for young adult authors who can write stories with amazing characters, plot, theme and structure. Top of the list is originality. We love creative storytelling and extraordinary adventures for young minds. To be successful, we must continue to grow our concept library with stories readers come back for time and time again.

Fresh Voices

We’re interested in fresh new voices and concepts in young adult fiction. Our aim is to jam-pack our project with short stories, novellas, graphic novels, comics and short chapter-by-chapter novels, stretching across all sub-genres.

Series collections will be important to us; not only does this build a cohesive framework for each genre, but it also helps readers connect and identify with characters and worlds.

An Authors’ Collective

We’ll publish the work of our resident authors as a priority. A number of guest authors may submit manuscripts each month. Authors will also have the opportunity to become editors, copy-editors and proof-readers. For more information visit our authors’ page.

Ivyside Authors’ Hub

Author HubWe’ll introduce a dedicated Author Hub for online support and workspace, including social media templates. We’re here to support authors in achieving their publishing dreams and to help them to gain recognition and traction.

In return, we are looking for awe-inspiring stories. Authors will always retain creative control over their work, as well as intellectual property rights.

Professionalism is extremely important, from submitting manuscripts to the author’s biography and everything in between. Most of all, we expect regular, fresh and vibrant content.

Are you ready?

If you’re interested in becoming a resident author member, please take a look at the following pages and blog posts, then register your interest.

Come and join us.




Beth Etherington, Founder.

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