Ivy tribe

Fantasy & Science Fiction Short Digital Stories

Smart options for parents. Designed to inspire your child to read, write, create and achieve.

At Ivy Tribe, we’re creating a spell-binding digital library of short stories for middle grade and young adult readers. Set your child’s imagination on fire with our diverse range of epic fiction. Ideal for improving comprehension, building better reading skills and setting reading goals. We’re making literacy and language fun, immersive and enjoyable. 

Ivy Tribe is a subscription service & members’ club. For young readers aged 8 – 14 years+

Fantasy Book

Suitable for ages
8 -14 + years

All our digital content is divided into broad age and genre categories. This makes selecting the right content for your child easy and hassle free. We offer short fiction stories, novellas, chapter by chapter novels and graphic novels for children aged 8 - 14 years+.

Science Fiction World

Discover new Worlds.

Whether your child loves witches, dragon adventures, epic space battles, or magical worlds, we have a wide selection of stories. From sorcery and Gothic, to robots and time travel and everything in between. Our virtual reading rooms are designed to keep your child exploring.

Girl and ipad

Fall in love with reading.

Our stories are purposely short, so it encourages your child to read. Most stories can be finished and enjoyed in one reading session. As they grow more confident, we've added novellas and chapter by chapter novels, for bite size reading chunks of longer stories.

Boy and ipad

What's the story? Comprehension.

When you're helping your child to develop reading comprehension, you're also nurturing a deep love of reading. Discussing the story, is the single best way to increase their IQ. Our authors have added open questions at the end of each story to help you get more out of each reading session and ideas for activities for further learning.

New Worlds

Set reading goals each month.

Discover your child's reading identity, their likes and dislikes. Discuss their goals, such as reading for fifteen minutes each night, instead of online gaming. Encourage them to try different types of fiction and stories and explore the voices of different authors. This can be combined with non-fiction books and specialist magazines.

Flying Book

Fresh authors, one tribe.

We celebrate fresh voices. Our resident authors represent rising talent in children's fiction. We're a UK based digital publishing and reading platform which has been created specifically for young readers and parents. Our talented authors get paid for their contribution to our digital library. The more our membership grows, the greater the rewards for our writers.

Flying Book

Epic stories & great value.

For an affordable monthly subscription fee, your child has the freedom to discover and explore a huge range of fiction. All e-stories are written in English. Our premium membership plan offers unlimited access to all our content. Try before you commit, with our FREE trial experience.

Girl reading

Supporting writers & artists.

For every paid membership, our subscribers are supporting the literary and artistic communities. From writers, illustrators, video-makers and voice over artists to graphic designers, copy editors, proofreaders and art directors. There are many people that bring a story to life.


Amazing book series collections.

Your child can meet up with their favourite characters time and time again with our exclusive book series collections. Imaginative adventures, magical worlds, action packed journeys, supernatural creatures and exciting stories for all ages and tastes. Collections are a great hook for continued reading.

‘Countess Frivoleeta Fang sipped at her scream tea, and tapped the dining room table with her long black fingernails, as the clock struck 4 am.’

Amelia Fang and the Barbaric Ball by Laura Ellen Anderson.

'About three things I was absolutely certain. First, Edward was a vampire.'

Twilight, Stephanie Meyer

'He's more like a half-brother on the monstrous side of the family. Like... a half-brother twice removed or something.'

Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan

Sea and Ship

“Fenestra was silent for a while, and Morrigan thought she’d fallen asleep standing up. Then she felt something warm, wet, and sandpapery lick the entire right side of her face. She sniffled again, and Fen’s big gray head rubbed her shoulder affectionately. “Thanks, Fen,” Morrigan said quietly. She heard Fenestra padding softly to the door. “Fen?” “Mmm?” “Your saliva smells like sardines.” “Yeah, well. I’m a cat.” “Now my face smells like sardines.” “I don’t care. I’m a cat.” “Night, Fen.” 

“You're brave. You are the bravest person I know, and you are my friend. I don't care if you are imaginary.”

The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman.

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