creative space for young minds

Read, Write, Create & Achieve

'There is more treasure in books, than all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island' - Walt Disney

A digital story collection. Designed to inspire your child to read, write, create and achieve.

Ivy Tribe aims to nurture a generation of literate and creative young individuals. With a team of resident authors and guest writers, our promise is to deliver exclusive stories and literacy services that children will love and explore. Our collective vision is to create and build the  greatest fantasy and science fiction story collection. A place like no other. Imagined to benefit thousands of children and their parents, while being able to pay fair royalties to authors and creatives. 

We do short stories digitally; fun, interactive and immersive reading experiences, for ages 8-14 years+.


Reading Nooks

Create an area for reading, such as a window seat, an outside camp or a special place or chair. You can add comforting items such as blankets, a soft rug and cushions. If you have space add a bookshelf too. Try and create a place that is all their own.

Explore Tastes

With such a diverse range of stories, you’ll be able to explore your child’s tastes, to see what really connects with them. It may be a particular author, a style of writing, or simply an awesome character. This helps to promote more imaginative and artistic thoughts.

Regular Routine

Aim to create a regular routine, particularly if your child is easily distracted, or has trouble reading. You can turn your time together into a fun social activity. Children can lose interest in reading after they’ve learned to read, reading as a family can breach those tough times.

Word Power

Using the power of words, you can teach your child to learn, explore and create new worlds. Great characters in stories can also help develop empathy skills in the young, as well as increasing their IQ.

Young Writers

Reading is a crucial part of learning to write. If your child has enjoyed our stories, encourage them to write one of their own. We’ll publish it under our young writers' section on our blog. Open to writers aged 8-16 years.

Rewards & Challenges

When you are encouraging your child to read, use rewards. Challenge them to read several stories a week in return for a treat. Rewards such as special meals, family movies and outdoor activities work well.

Discuss Characters

Encourage your child to ask questions and discuss a character’s feelings, struggles, highs and lows. Ask them what they like and don’t like about a story and how they feel or connect to the character.

Get Creative

Most of all, make reading fun. Use different types of creative activities to enhance their reading experience. Encourage your child to create their own characters and worlds by drawing, painting or writing.

Activities & Trips

Another way to bring reading to life, is story related trips and activities. Adventure and fantasy stories can relate to forest walks, exploring a nearby castle or camping trips, with fire side stories.

welcome to the tribe.

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