Explore Ivyside, a concept library full of short stories

Flying BookAt Ivyside, we’re creating a digital library of short stories for young readers aged 8-16 years+ Our exclusive fantasy and science fiction content is designed to take you on a wild adventure through our virtual bookshelves. To become an Ivysider simply ask an adult to sign you up for a monthly subscription.

You’ll enjoy a host of Ivysider privileges, including unlimited access to our full story collection, competitions and creative projects. You can try out our subscription service with our FREE seven-day trial.

Discover short stories, novellas and chapter by chapter novels. Ivyside will feature all sub-genres of fantasy and science fiction, to ensure a uniquely exciting experience.

Virtual Reading Rooms

We’re starting something bold. Imagine wandering around a story vault, roaming through a virtual city to discover the Whispering Rocks Cave, catching moonbeams in the Fractured Maze or reading about dragon battles in the Tower of the Doomed Serpent, or witches in Indigo Keep.

Fantasy BookOur virtual reading rooms have been designed to keep you exploring and discovering new worlds.

We’re starting a new type of tribe. Ivysiders join a unique members-only club. Together we’ll experience a whirlwind of mighty fiction and discover hidden places throughout the city.

All Genres

All our exclusive content is divided into broad age and genre categories. This makes selecting the right content for your child easy and hassle-free. Whether your child loves battling beasts, flying space ships or mixing magical potions, we specialize in all types of fantasy and science fiction.

Series Collections

With such a diverse range of e-stories, you’ll be able to explore your child’s tastes, to see what really connects with them. It may be a particular author, a style of writing, or simply an awesome character. Older children will enjoy delving into our junior and young readers’ collections and exploring their own favourites.

Ivy Tribe is developing an amazing range of series titles, so your child can meet up with their favourite characters time and time again. Monster adventures, vampire bites, action-packed journeys, supernatural creatures and exciting suspenseful stories for all ages and tastes.

Learn & Explore

We’re here to help your child develop reading comprehension and to nurture a deep love of reading. Using the power of words, you can encourage junior readers and young adults to learn, explore and discover new favourites. Great characters in stories can also help develop empathy skills. Discussing a story is the best way to increase their IQ and develop their abilities.

Our authors have added topics for discussion at the end of all our stories called ‘What’s the Story?’. Encouraging your child to ask questions and discussing a character’s feelings, struggles, highs and lows, helps them to grow and connect. This is remarkably engaging, particularly if your child finds reading difficult.

Turn your time together into a social activity. Make a story or character come alive for your child, by adding in relevant activities, such as a castle visit, star gazing or a forest walk. Often a child can lose interest in reading after they’ve learned to read, so activities can help breach those tough times.

Fresh Talented Authors

We celebrate fresh voices. Most of our authors are not traditionally published. As an author collective, our writers get paid fair royalties for their contribution to our story collection.

This means for every paid membership, our subscribers are supporting the literary and artistic communities.

Ivy Tribe Membership

Ivy Tribe is a Members’ Club, with an affordable monthly subscription fee. This gives you and your child the freedom to discover and explore a huge range of fiction, by different authors. All content is written in English and is age-appropriate.

We also give you the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Our membership service is due to launch in winter 2021. So, don’t miss out on our opening special offers and competitions, our list of upcoming stories, plus new author signings by signing up to The Notebook, our parents’ newsletter.

We’re starting something mighty. We look forward to welcoming you to the tribe.


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