Ivy Tribe Authors' Collective

Be part of the story.

Welcome to Ivy Tribe Authors' Collective. This is the beginning of a brilliant new venture. We're looking for children's authors to take up residency, to be part of our story. So, if you're looking for a new way to publish your short stories digitally, we'd love to hear from you. We welcome new, unpublished and published children's authors. Ivy Tribe specialises in all genres of fantasy and science fiction from individual short stories, graphic novels and comics to novellas and short chapter by chapter novels for readers aged 8- 14 years+.

Author Hub

Think BIG.

We’re a new UK based digital publishing platform, created specifically for parents and young readers. Our key distinguishing feature is our stories are only accessed via an affordable monthly subscription plan. Ivy Tribe is a members’ club, for middle grade and young adult readers. This forms the core of our business. Our authors and creatives receive fair royalties for their contribution to our digital library, based on our active membership numbers. 

Our aim is to create the greatest fantasy and science fiction digital collection, jam-packed with short fiction, graphic novels, comics, novellas or short chapter by chapter novels, stretching across all sub-genres and age categories. We’re here to support you in achieving your publishing dreams, if you’re ready to brave new territories. As a business we will manage the digital library, website, subscription service, data storage and marketing content, so all you have to do is write and share our story far and wide.

We’re also recruiting for a range of voluntary positions which require a few hours work each week.

Ease & Speed

As a digital platform, you can reach readers with lightening speed. It's a rewarding experience, knowing your story is live in one of our virtual reading rooms and being enjoyed within minutes of publication .

Creative Control

You always retain creative control over your work, as well as the intellectual property rights. Your submissions will be approved by a copy editor and proofreader, before going live on our site.

Income & Reach

Resident authors will receive a flat fee for each contribution, which is dependent on the number of active memberships on our site. Our site has no territory restrictions, so you have the potential to reach a global market.


We track our active memberships and reconcile this with our author payments. We keep things simple. All resident authors receive the same level of payment, irrespective of the number of readers accessing their stories, their popularity or their genre. All resident authors are able to submit a number of monthly manuscripts.


Our aim is to try and grow organically as much as possible, through the reach of our authors' and members' social media accounts. We will provide 'done for you' social posts and evergreen content to share with your audience. We will aim to embrace a full marketing mix including publicity, events, advertising, sponsorship and video trailers.

Author Hub

We have a dedicated and private workspace online, where you can interact and get support. This is where you'll access our marketing materials and our latest updates to share with your followers. It is also a private space to network and is only available to resident authors who are approved and published on our website.

Bursting with Pizzazz

In return, we are looking for awe inspiring stories that young readers will love. Ivy Tribe is about dynamic and extraordinary adventures, which bring awesome characters to life on the page. We expect professional writing and conduct at all times, as well as regular contributions to our digital library. Also, we hope you’ll share our content across your social networks and other media, to enable our membership to grow and thrive. 

Professional Standards & Ethics

Professionalism is extremely important, from your manuscript through to your author biography and everything in between. Our expectations include great characters, plot, theme and structure throughout your stories, with age appropriate language and content. Top of the list are originality and creativity in your story telling. You must ensure your work has been edited before submitting for approval. We will work with you to proof-read and copy-edit as necessary.

Social Media & Promotion

Our resident authors will also function as an arm of the marketing team. We will develop the strategy and marketing concepts, whilst relying heavily on organic growth through social and media channels. As a resident author, you can share our 'done for you' posts and news updates, as part of your partnership with Ivy Tribe. You'll want to tell the world about your published work, so we hope you'll also create some original content of your own around your stories.

Regular, Fresh & Original Content

We offer new, published or unpublished authors an opportunity to reach a wide audience, by distributing directly to our members. To be successful, we must continue to grow our library with stories young readers come back for time and time again. As well as individual short stories, we welcome stories which form a series, a novella, or a short novel released chapter by chapter. Most of all, we love regular, fresh and vibrant content from our resident authors.

the magic of stories...

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